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Who we are

Focused on the development of the African continent, Kenaidien Capital Corporation, KCC, is a Canadian projects development and management, and consulting company that brings sustainable integrated economic and social development solutions to Africa.

Our Goals are:

In one hand 

 To deploy an integrated ecosystem while delivering sustainable economic growth and development to the African continent’s growing population through projects that not only promote economic transformation, but also create jobs.

Access to employment is becoming more and more difficult and young people leaving university, despite their degrees, face unemployment that very often extends over years. Our company creates thousands of job opportunities and wealth and poverty alleviation to reverse this trend.

Indeed, we build partnerships with companies of various sectors and activities to have a total hand on all our projects. We unite with the common goal of benefiting from an open innovation (from the union of ideas of all collaborators) to deliver the most innovative and sustainable results.

In the other hand

To deploy all our resources to help our partners achieve their financial goals while respecting our mission of delivering resilient and sustainable development solutions to communities.

 We want our partners to make investments that will not only result in a good return on investment but also on a positive impact on the world.

We want them all to know that their actions are changing lives for the better. The goal is not just to invest, but to do it strategically so that a positive impact is made.

With Kenaidien Capital Corporation, investors are guided towards projects which exceed their investment goals and objectives and earns sustainable and higher ROI, IRR, PM.

Corporate Governance
Dignity and reliability
Corporate social responsability
Professional team

We build our Business Model around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which includes :

Zero poverty & hunger

Clean water

Affordable and clean energy

Decent work and economic growth

Industry, Innovation and infrastructure

Sustainable cities and communities

The Revolutionary Management System

We bring a revolutionary management system to our projects which promote the integration of industrialization in a business ecosystem context and create a win-win situation for all.

We operate as business ecosystems to have an end-to-end operation and respond easily and quickly to all the business needs within our supply value chain in order to deliver value to both customers and stakeholders. 

Our Vision

We believe in transformational value creation which we achieve through delivering projects that transform the world. We bring opportunities and sustainable solutions to communities. We also transform ourselves as we offer innovative solutions to our clients and deliver greater value to our stakeholders.

Our ease in mobilizing third-party resources to deliver sustainable project solutions, willingness to engage in difficult environments and our leadership to overcome challenges have enabled us to extend our footprint and have an impact well beyond our direct resources.

Our Philosophy

At Kenaidien Capital Corporation, KCC, we promote: